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16 Year Old Permit Program

Drive With Confidence

For a 16 year old learners permit, with a waiver card/score card
from school: Starting at $480. The NJ DMV will charge a separate $10 for
the permit (The score card/ blue card is a card given to a student by
their teacher after they have passed their written exam. The exam is
given through a driver’s education program provided by the school.
Please note: a teacher may not legally hold a score card in order to
ensure that the student go with them for their behind the wheel drivers
ed. Such practices of holding the students’ documents “hostage” are
immoral as well as illegal. Please let us or your local school board
official know if such a practice is being employed by any of your
child’s teachers.) Without a score card from school: (i.e. he/she will
have to take the written exam at the DMV) starting at $480, depending on
location. The New Jersey DMV will charge a separate $10 for the permit.
Our fee includes meeting with one of our instructors at the the DMV for
the NJ Permit (written) test and 6 hours of one on one, door to door
behind the wheel instruction. We do not charge any extra fees if the
student fails their written test at the DMV. We do offer gift
certificates for Holidays and Birthdays.