16 Year Old Program

Step 1 Get your paperwork together (Sigh)

You’ll need

Proof of identity and Proof of Date of Birth

You’ll need one of the following primary documents


Original Birth Certificate with a raised seal 

Non-Driver Id from NJ DMV

In addition, you’ll need

Social Security Card 

Being that you’re under 18 you’ll need

A parent or Guardian Consent Form 

You can print the form by clicking here

Step 2 Get Your 16-year-old Special Learner’s Permit

 Option 1:

Take a Driver’s Education course in your High School

Take a Driver’s Education course in your High School. Upon completion, your school will administer the required Knowledge Test. You will be provided with a Blue-card/bar code certificate, that you can hand to the Driving School instructor, where you’ll be taking the behind-the-wheel training. (It’s a free country, but hopefully, you’ll choose Skillful Driving School!)

Your driving instructor will collect your paperwork(see Step 1 above), along with a $10 for the DMV, and take care of the boring legal stuff at the DMV.

 Option 2:

Sign-up with a licensed Driving School-if is not offered Drivers ed in school

Bring along all your paperwork(see Step 1 above), along with a $10 Check to a licensed Driving School. (Additionally, the Driving School will charge their own fee for the service)

The fun part about being 16 (of course driving can be fun as well) is that the Driving School will take care of all the legal stuff with NJ MVC. Believe me, that is a big deal!

Step 3 Take your Knowledge test (Skip this step if you have a Blue Card from your High School)

This is done at a licensed Driving School. You will need to complete Step 4 before the school can hand you the actual permit.

Be sure to check out our practice tests on our site to get you ready for this (and you won’t need to face your friends after failing)

Step 4 Practice Driving


The first 6 hours need to be completed with a licensed driving instructor. Upon completion, the school will hand you the permit. Once you have the permit in hand, you can practice at home. (good luck convincing your parents, to take you out driving. Most of them still view you as too young to drive, and want no part of your fun)

At this point, you should Make an appointment for your road test 6 months after you pass your knowledge test 

Step 5 Take your Road test

Nothing to be nervous about, it’ll be over before you know it. The smart ones don’t tell their friends that they are taking the test. Just in case…

Step 6 Get your Probationary Driver’s License.

You can either get your Probationary Driver’s License at the location of your road test (if available) or at any Licensing Center with your stamped permit and your documents (That’s right, you’ll need them again!)– no appointment necessary.

Be sure to follow the rules for your Probationary Driver’s License. You can find them here