17 Year Old Program

Step 1 Get your paperwork together (Sigh)

You’ll need

6 Points for Proof of Identity and Proof of Date of Birth. For Example:

U.S.Passport(4 Points)

Original Birth Certificate with raised seal (4 Points)

Non Driver Id from NJ DMV (4 pts) 

(two together-5 Points)

Social Security Card (1 Point)

ATM card (1 Point)

Health Insurance Card (1 Point) 

In an effort to keep it simple, we’ve listed the most common documents that are used. However,

if you don’t have the above-mentioned docs, take a look at the full list of documents on the DMV site by clicking here

In addition to proof of identity and proof of Date of Birth, you’ll need:

Proof of NJ Residency. For Example:

Bank Statement (can’t be used though for part of 6 points and also proof of address, just 1 or the other)

Non Driver Id from NJ DMV

Utility bill

If you’re under 18 years old, a statement from a parent certifying address will suffice. Click here to print the required form.

Provide your social security number.

Step 2 Get Your Initial Permit

Make an appointment at the DMV to purchase your permit.

You can make an appointment on their site by clicking here 

Bring along all your paperwork, along with a $10 Check.

Step 3 Take your Knowledge test

You can make an appointment on their site by clicking here 

Bring along all your paperwork ( seriously?!. Yeah, it is what it is)

Be prepared for a vision check, and wear glasses or contacts if needed

Step 4 Practice Driving


At this point, you should Make an appointment for your road test for 6 months after you pass your knowledge test (3 months if you’re over 21). If you would like to come with Skillful to the test, we will take care of this part. 

Step 5 Take your Road test

Be sure to bring along

Your Permit

One of the following: Original birth cert, US passport or Non-Driver Id

Glasses or lenses if worn

Nothing to be nervous about, it’ll be over before you know it.

Step 6 Get your Probationary Driver’s License
You can either get your Probationary Driver’s License at the location of your road test (if available) or at any Licensing Center with your stamped permit and your documents (That’s right, you’ll need them again!)– no appointment necessary.